A great advantage to independent bike shops is that they can operate highly competitive skilled workshops. Balfe’s are no exception in this, in fact we place a strong workshop at the heart of our operations. Not only to us is a bike shop not a bike shop without a good workshop but you’ll find our staff are as ready and willing to get stuck into the mechanics of bikes as they are to ride them.
Each or shops are geared to turn many on the spot jobs around while you wait. We do this to help out our customers who are in need of an emergency repair so we can help you get on your way as quickly as possible. For an explanation of jobs we can do on the spot please see
While-U-Wait Repairs.

In each shop we also offer a booking in service. This is primarily for our servicing packages (see below) but also for more complex repairs and fitting. Within this we include:
Wheel building and truing.
Headset and Bottom Bracket removal / installation.
Hydraulic brake bleeding and fitting.
Internally routed cable installation.
Tubular and Tubeless tyre fits.
Hub servicing.
Frame / Fork reaming, facing, chasing and drilling.
Rear mechanism hanger re-alignment.

To book in for a service or a detailed labour quote please contact your local Balfe’s shop using the information above.

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