This is our most popular geared bicycle servicing option. Typically recommended for bicycles which
are used fairly regularly to commute on. Within our General Service we cover the following:
Entire Drive Train removed and degreased in our environmentally friendly Rozone parts cleaner.
This includes the Chain-set, Chain, Front Mechanism, Rear Mechanism and Cassette.
Once removed each part is serviced once clean and in detail.
Brakes removed and cleaned, then serviced individually away from the bike.
Bottom Bracket serviced where the unit allows us or replaced within the labour cost. (Not including parts.)
Hubs adjusted where necessary.
Headset adjusted or replaced within the labour cost. (Not including parts.)
Wheels trued where necessary including labour to replace broken or bent spokes.
All fixings including pedals, chain ring bolts, axles, stem bolts checked and adjusted to the correct tension.
Labour includes replacement of cables where necessary (labour only)