Brompton Ltd operate their own accreditation programme. There are three levels of dealer ranging from 1-3 cogs. To be a Three Cog dealer you must sell Bromptons, have at least a Cytech two mechanic and own the tools necessary for replacing frame bushings and hinge pins.
Our Dulwich branch is a Brompton dealer and has a Three Cog accreditation. Our mechanics are Cytech Three qualified and we have all necessary tooling to carry out any servicing work to your Brompton which may be necessary.

Our Kennington Workshop and Streatham Hill branches are Brompton Two Cog accredited. We hold all tooling and have Cytech Three mechanics in each location. We can fix your Brompton to the highest degree of work necessary in these branches too however do not sell new Bromptons from these locations.


We love Bromptons. Full stop, without a doubt they are one of the best bike designs in the world. They are capable of many many trouble free miles and reward the owner by being ultimately the most practical bike imaginable.
Our Brompton service is £90.

Please see below for extra hinge and pin replacement charges:
Swing arm bushings. Extra labour £25.
Stem and Mainframe hinge pins. £30 per pin replacement.
How do you know if your Brompton needs this extra work? Well basically if when the bike in un-folded and tightened correctly and there is still excessive play in the rear triangle, mainframe clamp and stem clamp it is worth asking us to have a look at it for you.